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More than 1200 consumer complaints opposite South Bend termination doctor

January 3, 2014 South Bend No Comments

‘Backup’ alloy
terminates relationship

Jeanette Burdell, module executive of a St. Joseph County Right To Life, stands during a lectern surrounded by University of Notre Dame Right to Life officers, Marian High School students and former students and pro-life supporters who were benefaction for a press discussion Dec. 19 announcing consumer complaints trustworthy to Terminated Pregnancy Reports. The reports were reviewed by Right-to-Life members and highlighted for errors and omissions. There are 1,202 complaints citing 1,590 sum errors and omissions between a 1,202 Terminated Pregnancy Reports found containing mistakes.

SOUTH BEND — Representatives from Indiana Right to Life, St. Joseph County Right to Life and a South Bend pro-life village announced during a press discussion Dec. 19 some-more than 1,200 consumer complaints opposite South Bend Women’s Pavillion doctor, Dr. Ulrich Klopfer. Each censure is a outcome of errors or omissions found on consummated pregnancy reports supposing by a Indiana State Department of Health for abortions achieved by Klopfer between Jul 2011 and Jun 2013.

The complainants embody 16 women from St. Joseph County. In their complaints, they are requesting a evident cessation of Klopfer’s medical license, tentative a full investigation. Local Right to Life leaders are requesting a assembly of a county prosecutor as he has a government to move rapist charges opposite Klopfer. Indiana law states that disaster to finish and contention a news on time carries a Class B misconduct charge.

In October, 17 women filed scarcely 500 complaints opposite Klopfer for errors and omissions on reports per Allen County abortions, and on Dec. 3, 20 women filed some-more than 600 complaints opposite Klopfer for errors and omissions on reports per Lake County abortions.

“The perfect numbers of errors and omissions on these consummated pregnancy reports can't be ignored,” pronounced Tom Gill, boss of St. Joseph County Right to Life. “A few errors and omissions could be understandable, though 1,590 is unacceptable. If Dr. Ulrich Klopfer can’t get his paperwork in order, how can he run a business that increase from invasive surgical procedures on women?”

“These errors and omissions are drifting and we call on authorities to examine since this alloy has been submitting reports with estimable errors and omissions for years,” Gill added.

“Today’s complaints uncover that Dr. Klopfer is demonstrating messy work during all 3 of his termination facilities,” pronounced Mike Fichter, boss and CEO of Indiana Right to Life. “We suspicion a sum 1,100 errors and omissions from Lake and Allen Counties was alarming, though here a sum series is an strange 1,590. Terminated pregnancy reports are critical for health and reserve burden measures during these facilities. Dr. Klopfer’s settlement of messy reports shows he doesn’t entirely value a health and reserve of his patients.”

“Proper reports are critical to a village and to a health and reserve of women seeking abortions,” pronounced Jeanette Burdell, module executive of St. Joseph County Right to Life. “This isn’t a initial time a village has schooled that Dr. Klopfer has unsuccessful to accommodate state-required stating requirements. Dr. Klopfer has also improperly reported abortions on 13-year-olds as compulsory by law to strengthen immature girls from child abuse. We call on a state and internal authorities to take movement immediately.”

On Dec. 12, a Allen County Right to Life schooled that Klopfer was losing his attribute with his legally-required medicine designee, or “back-up” doctor. Dr. Geoffrey Cly, OB/GYN, told Klopfer in a minute antiquated Dec. 12 that he was terminating his attribute as medicine designee effective Dec. 31, 2013, since of Klopfer’s doing of 13-year-old abortions.

The Allen County Patient Safety Ordinance (Title 10, Article 10) requires doctors practicing though not staying in a county to have a attribute with a internal alloy who can legally use in Allen County. Additionally, state law requires termination doctors to have internal revelation privileges or have entered into an agreement with a medicine who has revelation privileges during a sanatorium in a county or constant county concerning a government of probable complications of a services provided.

Cly, a pro-life medicine who is house approved in obstetrics and gynecology, became Klopfer’s medicine designee in Sep 2010 since of his enterprise to strengthen a health and reserve of any lady who might have a snarl due to an abortion. As Klopfer’s medicine designee, Cly would have cared for any of Klopfer’s patients with medical complications or situations outset after an termination if Klopfer was not available. Klopfer resides in Crete, Ill., and leaves Fort Wayne immediately after he performs abortions.

The Fort Wayne News Sentinel reported Dec. 27, that Klopfer will take a “hiatus” from behaving abortions in Fort Wayne though skeleton to resume when a deputy for Dr. Cly is named.

Article source: http://www.todayscatholicnews.org/2014/01/more-than-1200-consumer-complaints-against-south-bend-abortion-doctor/

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